Polypropylene Parts Bins Kbins

 Polypropylene Parts Bins Kbins
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Qty: Image: KBin PP Part No.: Price:
TPA1507 £28.80
TPA2210 £31.50
TPA2215 £33.50
TPA2220 £35.50
TPA3010 £32.00
TPA3015 £34.50
TPA3020 £36.50
TPA4510 £37.50
TPA4515 £39.50
TPA4520 £42.50
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Kbins - Polypropylene Parts Bins:sold in packs of 25qty

Available in Blue, Red, Orange & Silver / Grey

  • Manufactured in strong twinwall fluted polypropylene.
  • Supplied with Sefl Adhesive labels for front panel identification
  • Wipe clean surfaces inside and out.
  • Oil, Grease and moisture resistant
  • Resistant to most chemicals

Part No. External Dimensions (mm)
TPA1507 100H x 150D x 75W
TPA2210 100H x 225D x 100W
TPA2215 100H x 225D x 150W
TPA2220 100H x 225D x 200W
Part No. External Dimensions (mm)
TPA3010 100H x 300D x 100W
TPA3015 100H x 300D x 150W
TPA3020 100H x 300D x 200W
Part No. External Dimensions (mm)
TPA4510 100H x 450D x 100W
TPA4515 100H x 450D x 150W
TPA4520 100H x 450D x 200W
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