Sump Flooring

New Sump Flooring
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SF1001 £728.05
SF2301 £1,113.15
SF2831 £1,433.75
SR1051 £258.00
SR1000 £95.85
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Sump Flooring

  • Versatile sump flooring to meet your requirements
  • Flush fitting seam welded floor panels
  • Safeguard the contentsof the drums from potentially contaminating work areas should a drum fail

Models Available

Sump Flooring
Sump Capacity Size L.W.H. Code
Sump Flooring
263 Litres 1400.1250.160 SF1001
347 Litres 2200.1050.160 SF2301
525 Litres 2800.1250.160 SF2831
- 1000.500.160 SR1051
Safety Rail
- 1000.40.1000 SR1000
- 1250.40.1000 SR1250
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