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Cambuckle Wall Racks Individual quick release webbing straps with adjustable cambuckles These units can beused in pairs, top & bottom, for secure movement in transit Models Available Cambuckle Wall Racks Size W.D. Cylinders Held Cylinde..
Propane Cylinder Trolleys Tubular steel trucks designed to move 47kg propane cylinders Max diameter of cradle support: 380mm CT103L: carries 1 x 380mm cylinder & 1 x 230mm cylinder CT102L & CT101L: fitted with a rear castor which supports the laden trolley enabling full ope..
Cylinder Trolleys Cylinders are held in place with retaining chain TS177L: carry a max cylinder size of 286 dia. x 1575mm high. Tubular steel frame fitted with 2 x 125mm rubber tyred rear support castors & 265mm Steel centred rubber tyres CT277L, CT201L & CT201P: zinc plated ..