Fort Adjustable Steel Work Platforms (Rubber)

Fort Adjustable Steel Work Platforms (Rubber)
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Fort Adjustable Steel Work Platforms

  • Certified to EN 14183.
  • Manufactured & approved to the European GS standard.
  • These modular units can be placed alongside each other to create a large working area.
  • Mild steel angle construction which is easily height adjustable - simply turn the thread feet.

Models Available

Fort Adjustable Steel Work Platforms 
Ribber rubber platform - set on 18mm plywood

Platform Size L.W.

Plat.Height: 140 to 210mm Plat.Height: 230 to 300mm
Weight Code Weight Code
610.610 13 kg GS031Z 14 kg GS041Z
910.610 16 kg GS032Z 17 kg GS042Z
1210.610 19 kg GS033Z 20 kg GS043Z
1510.610 22 kg GS034Z 23 kg GS044Z
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